Guest Opinion: Stand Up for Better Health

Posted by Paige Bluhdorn
Sadly we have become human rust buckets, akin to the proverbial Junk Yard.
As the so called, progression of knowledge, has dramatically advanced, we have lost our way in very many necessary and life threatening, and more importantly, simple ways to create and maintain good health.
This post refers to our deadly obsession with sitting, on average of 13 to 15 hours per day. This lethal obsession is hardly being recognized, and much less discussed, causing consequences of an exponential implosion.
As we have progressed in so many areas of knowledge, and now have the ability to create and achieve untold numbers of new horizons, we have to lost our way in our need for physicality.
With today’s uncertainty in our escalating costs of Health Care, and many scientists predicting that todays generation not living as long as recent ones, it is time to examine the reasons.
Recently a friend, who teaches Physical Education in an affluent community, is afraid to have students run any appreciable distance, for fear of impending disaster.
My feeling has always been that being born in a healthy condition is a blessing. It is, however, our responsibility to seek and follow the pathway to get and maintain a necessary level of fitness. While fitness certainly means many things, to many people, one must first understand the fundamentals.
There is a plethora of Fitness Gurus and many wonderful approaches to achieve individuals, pro activists health goals, however the overwhelming majority remain on the sidelines, languishing in regressive unhealthy lifestyles.
We, because of the advancement in both science and medicine, have been unwittingly lulled into abject failure, in realizing the absolute necessity of, Prevention. The drug companies and allopathic teaching, give a sense that when something goes wrong, there is a Fix Awaiting. While in some cases, there is some truth to that, the numbers do not support going in that direction, in order to achieve optimal health.
It is interesting to note that a pattern of commitment, generally beginning with New Years resolutions, including joining Health and Fitness Clubs. Sadly a few months later there is a huge cessation in continuance, and languishing back to previous habits.
Many companies have had success in offering a variety of pathways to better health, through the individualized offerings, often with a variety of incentives. This is  both logical and  good business strategy, wherein a healthy employee is so much more productive and valuable. The unprecedented rise in health care costs, make perfect sense for business to take the aforementioned proactive approach, which have consistently resulted in, three times the improvement in productivity. About fifty percent of Health Care costs are attributed to poor health. There is also a increase in health care costs of an average of, seven percent per annum. In some businesses there are now Standing Desks, which offer more benefits than sitting.
Back to the average person understanding, that it need not be either expensive, or complicated to begin a committed approach to getting and staying fit.
Both energy generation, and toxins being eliminated, can be the initial motives to accept the absolute need for movement. Very recent scientific evidence purports the previously unknown link between the brain and immune system. The immune system is, in my view one the most valued aspects of superior health, and this link is further evidence of  the requirement of exercise. Alzheimer’s disease is now the third leading cause of death, among the elderly, with more than five million affected. Heart disease and cancer are the two primary causes. Each of these, and many other debilitating conditions are affected adversely, by lifestyle choices, with exercise, not only being necessary, but an absolute. We are the only creatures on the planet that have the ability to make rational choices, but only if we become adequately informed. The modern day world has become so much more stressful and complicated. By filtering the tried and true verifiable approaches, and applying them consistently, you will be able to realize the benefits.
Exercise allows the body to function in so many beneficial ways, that it is not wise to ignore, as doing so would be catastrophic.
Some things to consider as a primer, which may begin your journey to a more fulfilling life. Simple, affordable, and doable, by anyone wishing to feel better, look better and be  able to accomplish more.
Let’s start with the fact that most people watch television. How about, with out  interrupting your viewing pleasure, achieving your basic thirty minutes of exercise?
All you need to do is pick up a, step up exercise platform, available at sporting goods stores, or Walmart, modestly priced. Every hour of TV programming has approximately, sixteen minutes of commercials, and that is your time to begin your routine. Exercise Bands and Stretching, are also an easy way to get the body in a fitness mode. My favorite is Rebounding, the exercise of choice of the Astronauts. You may be familiar with It as a Trampoline, and it is just that in a smaller version. This method offers dozens of benefits and can be done anywhere in your home. Once you feel the benefits, I think you will find it a positive addiction.
It is my fervent wish that you take very seriously the factors discussed, as having begun my ninth decade, and practicing what has been presented, is one of the primary reasons I have been blessed to share what I am living, each day. Yours, in the Best of Good and Better Health to Come. Bob Hall—–PS, Please remember that, LIFE IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL, we only get one shot at it, make yours count.
Robert S Hall

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