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Le Forge Furniture

Le Forge Furniture
Posted by Paige Bluhdorn

Kenneth McGill Turns a Hobby in to a Successful Business.
Crafting Materials to Compliment Shape and Design.

Kenneth McGill, the owner of Le Forge Furniture, was born and raised in Mountain Brook Alabama,  a small city outside of Birmingham. 

In 1994, Kenneth sold the family cement bagging business and he turned a hobby of welding into a business of building furniture. He grew up doing maintenance and repairs in the family business before moving up to management. Later he learned wood working skills and added wood furniture as an option.

In 2019, he expanded the business, moving the main office to New Orleans and built a large production facility outside of Pensacola Florida. 

In Kenneth’s spare time he takes his boat out to enjoy the beautiful waters of Florida’s gulf coast. He also loves to take out his Harley motorcycle out for a spin to de-stress. On nice, warm weekends you will find him enjoying the beach.

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