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Grace Bennett
Posted by Paige Bluhdorn

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Inside Press, Inc.

About Ms. Bennett

How did you get into publishing? I launched the Inside Press in 2003 after some time off from full time journalism, and 15 plus years in the biz already. I was raising two young children, and wanted an interesting, but more part time career that I could manage from home. I canvassed the merchants in the area and they got on board, much to my surprise.

What is your background? I grew up in Washington Heights, a melting pot, in a small family. I have one brother and both my parents, who have passed away, were Holocaust survivors. My dad worked in a maintenance department at a local university and my mom raised my brother and me, so we lived on extremely modest means. To fast forward from those early years, I received a Masters Degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism and briefly worked for a couple Connecticut dailies before finding my way into magazine journalism at McCall’s (now gone) as a senior editor, then Woman’s Day as their health editor, and as a regular consulting editor at Sesame Street Parents Magazine (also no longer in publication) at Children’s Television Workshop.

What are your other interests? I’m pretty busy running a publishing company solo, selling all the space and gathering all the editorial. To unwind, I like walking, running, ice-skating and simply hanging out with friends over a lunch or dinner date. I’m a single, divorced woman and I do spend time navigating the world of dating and post divorce relationships and meeting new prospective partners. I once launched a magazine called Single & Smart, but it launched during the 2009 recession, and lost money, so I didn’t keep that going.

How has COVID changed things? I watch a lot more Netflix than I ever thought I would, and rather enjoy it!  It has made me value people with big genuine hearts and kind spirits more than ever.

Where do you see yourself in a year? Still just chugging along with a small publishing company. Covid has also had me de-cluttering my home with a strong interest in down scaling to a smaller space for a more intimate living space, so will see!

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Grace Bennett
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
The Inside Press, Inc.
PO Box 643
Millwood, NY 10546
914 238-2600

Photo credit Erica Berger

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