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Robert James Clarke Art

Posted by Paige Bluhdorn

An Interview with the Artist

You are from where? I’m originally from a town called Luton just north of London it’s known for straw boaters and has a soccer teams nicknamed the hatters.

Where did you study art? I studied Art at St Martins School of Art on Charing Cross in Central London from 1983 to 1986.

How did you become an artist? As a child I was always good at drawing and had an interest in color and paint. I had good teachers growing up and I won lots of competitions when I was a kid, naturally I studied art and became a full time artist.

What artists influenced you? My favorite artists growing up was Picasso, Philip Guston and Alan Davie.

Explain your style and inspiration? Big, abstract, figurative, colorful, passionate and funny artists. I am inspired by dogs and women primarily! But have painted many different things. I like fast, gestural movement in paint and more mannered line in drawing. I use colored pencils on paper, which can be inspired by the curve of a hip or a wagging tail

What are your other interests? I play table tennis, read crime novels and watch world cinema.

You can see some of Robert’s art below and more at his website:

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