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Managing Stress with Holistic Wellness Practices

Holistic Wellness
Posted by Paige Bluhdorn


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unmanaged stress can cause a number of problems, ranging from sickness to difficulty concentrating. While there are many methods of managing stress, it’s good to approach it by trying several methods.  What works for one person may not be helpful to another. Very Well Mind notes that stress management must be ongoing and suggests a number of possible ways to do so.

While there are traditional methods, such as going on vacation, or seeking psychotherapy, many alternative holistic wellness practices can be beneficial. Curious to learn more? This guide from News that Moves can steer you in the right direction.

Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

These forms of counseling encourage goal setting and talking. Naming the problem(s) is important. You can’t expect to get past something if you can’t openly admit what’s happening, or what started everything in the first place. Healing generally happens in many small steps, and these types of therapy factor in the human aspect of taking each day, and each event, even each moment, as it comes to get to the next goal. When you’re ready for change, pursuing these options and talking through problems will put you on the path for better coping patterns.

Balanced Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are important for stress management because they’re pillars for good health. While you’re taking care of your mental and emotional wellness, your healthcare won’t be complete unless you nurture the physical aspect as well. Exercise is something that anyone can do and it doesn’t cost a penny, unless you opt for a gym membership, personal training, or classes. Working out is the key because it provides a natural high of endorphins. You will soon notice and appreciate your body’s feel-good chemicals when you work out. The quality of your sleep, another pillar of good health, is often improved by exercise.

The Ranch Tennessee also notes that diet plays into overall wellness because this is what keeps your body fueled and on the right track. If you’re filling your body with junk food, chances are you’re going to let other things slip as well. In some cases, eating unhealthy food can become an addiction, which results in the release of dopamine. This affects the brain just like drugs and alcohol, and can create additional problems. The safest bet is to eat well, as it will lead you to better health.

Career Change

Many of us tie our identities to our jobs, but this can become problematic. If your workplace is a place where stress for you is out of control, it may be worth considering a job change. Pursuing wellness can be an excellent motivation to try a new work-from-home business. You can focus your energy into succeeding in your new venture, and you get to choose the type of business you open. Choosing something you love will make it even more rewarding, whether it’s a dog walking service, a home bakery, a landscaping company, or whatever your heart desires!

Mindfulness Training

Whether you learn to be present, practice meditation, or regularly do yoga, these techniques are wonderful because they connect the mind, body, and spirit.  Mindfulness training works well particularly when it’s used with other stress management methods. Think of it this way: when stress is driving the big picture, a lot of your thoughts and desires fall by the wayside because your life only revolves around trying to avoid or cope with it. Bringing awareness through thoughts, stillness, and poses will guide you to a healthier and more enjoyable daily experience. Stress management and holistic wellness are best approached from multiple perspectives. These are just a few of the alternative options to choose from, and we are learning more about wellness practices every day. News that Moves focuses on international stories that inspire change, so log in regularly to see what stress management techniques are being discovered and practices around the globe.

Anya Willis is a mother of three and has been a yoga instructor for the past 12 years. She understands that getting kids to be active is no easy feat. She created to help parents find fitness alternatives to keep their kids moving.

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