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Frankie Vinci, aka (Zig ScVngr)

Posted by Paige Bluhdorn

Our interview with Frankie Vinci – Artist, Songwriter, Producer/ Film Composer

Why do you think people gravitate to your art? Due to the pandemic, people are staying in their homes and want a lively decor to look at. My art is iconic and colorful – people say it represent my personality.
My father created art for billboards all over the New York tri-state area. He created advertising using old fashioned “cut and paste” method. When I began doing collages, my dad’s method subconsciously influenced me a lot.

Where are you from? I was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Long Island in the 60’s, moved into New York City in the 70’s and I eventually landed in Connecticut, where I’m presently living.

What are the mediums you use in your artwork? My art is mixed media/ graffiti/ street art. I use spray paint, markers, torn paper – anything that fits the piece. I digitally color the subject image in Photoshop and sometimes add acrylic paint. I then glue the finalized colorized portrait onto a wood panel or canvas.

When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? I have been seriously working on my art since 2018. I was all set to go to SVA (School of Visual Arts, NYC) when I graduated High School, but my music career began to takeoff and I signed a contract with Atlantic Records with my band Fotomaker. During my Rock ‘n Roll music career, my band toured with Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Van Halen, Meat Loaf, Foreigner, among others. My art is a reflection of my years as a “rocker” and songwriter.
In the 80’s, I frequented many NYC parties thrown by Andy Warhol, Grace Jones, Basquait, Keith Haring, Steve Rubell (Studio 54).
Many of the pieces I created have back stories of the iconic stars I’ve met worked while touring or in the recording studio.

Who are your influences? Andy Warhol, Jean Paul Basquiat, Dali,  Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring and more recently, Mr. Brainwash, Dain and Robert Mars, who I became friends with. There’s many Pop artist that influence me but I’m drawn to the edgy styles more than the traditional artists.

What do you enjoy doing aside from art? As I mentioned I’m a professional musician/ songwriter/ music producer. I enjoy sitting at the piano or picking up the guitar and writing and producing a song. I also enjoy entertaining friends or watching a great movie.

Tell us about your art in a short statement. My art was born to resurrect the forgotten images from the clutches of time.

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